Cultural  bridges

Cultural Bridges - this is a group of people who share a desire to develop and integrate activities of professional and amateur art, the desire to spread cultural values, the desire to overcome and wipe borders and distances between the areas of arts, and between people and nations.



Exhibition CZECH THROUGHT MY EYES could be seen on Vysočina

How do children and young people see the world around us? What do people think of like about czech bests? To this question answer this exhibitions. From 1st july 2014 is in building office  Vysočina Region in town Jihlava The autors and main creators are young artist and talented children from all Czech. Facts about Více

Plakátek uvod

Norwegian Culture Festival Two languages – the same region

During the autumn of 2013 /from September to November/, there will be a festival which is called “Two languages-same region”. This festival has aim to refer about Norwegian culture, literature, artists, poets and writers, works of Czech translators and try to show to public their translations in many ways. The Program of the festival will Více


For the first time in the Czech Republic. This series the readings of works by the Nordic poets. It is first time – the sounds Czech translations of their poems. The reading from their works be supplemented with thematic exhibition and included reading will be lectures, illustrating the development of Scandinavian poetry, stories of authors Více