Culturae Bridges 2013

Objectives of the initiative Cultural Bridges 2013

Initiative of civic association Cultural Bridges are focused to the area of culture and art in the long term.

We co-operate with Scandinavian countries for many years, mainly with Norway.

Bilateral fund enable to Cultural Bridges make co-operation wider and extend new partnerships.

Outputs, which were realized, will be published and help to improve general awareness of Scandinavian countries, structure of Norwegian cultural associations, system of state support of art, activities of some school and in area of art education.

Meeting Cultural Bridges 2013 – program

From 31 of May to 9 of June were realized a lot of meetings and discussions between partners associations which helped to extend partnerships and create a place for next co-operation, expanding cultural exchange between Czech Republic and Norway.

The dealing was aim on area of culture, art, and children’s art education.

Civic association Cultural Bridges gained a lot of materials and sources of every mentioned areas.

There were presented work of Cultural Bridges in area Czech-Norwegian cultural sphere too.

Team of bilateral meeting was joined to preparations and realizations of Junikveld festival, visited elementary and high, arts schools, dealed with their representatives, visited galeries of art and discussed with their operetaors. There were conferences with arts managers. From every conference were formed concrete results and bargained next advancements of co-operation.

This action was excepted with interest bargaining sides and with interest Norwegians press and public.

Aims and outputs came up to expectations.

Junikveld 2013

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5 Photos

K. Kalleklev

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Partners of the Cultural Bridges 2013

CZ civic association: Kulturní mosty o.s.
NO association: Hans Børli selskapet
NO organisations:  H. Aschehough & Co, NORLA
NO schoole: Langhaugen videregående skole Bergen,  Eidskog Kulturskole
NO cultural management : Kjell Kalleklev management Bergen

Report from Bilateral meetingu Kulturae Bridges 2013

 Foto dokumen KM 2013

Festival Junikveld on Børli in norwegian press