Exhibition CZECH THROUGHT MY EYES could be seen on Vysočina

How do children and young people see the world around us?

What do people think of like about czech bests?

To this question answer this exhibitions.

From 1st july 2014 is in building office  Vysočina Region in town Jihlava

The autors and main creators are young artist and talented children from all Czech.

Facts about the exhibition:

7215 total entries and works in competition

drawings, paintings, collages, ceramics

students, pupils, groups, individuals

535 educational institutions, 66 works was made by bigger school collective


“Here I am home, we love it there and we want to show our friends beauties  of our land.”



Norwegian Culture Festival Two languages – the same region

Plakátek II

During the autumn of 2013 /from September to November/, there will be a festival which is called “Two languages-same region”. This festival has aim to refer about Norwegian culture, literature, artists, poets and writers, works of Czech translators and try to show to public their translations in many ways.

The Program of the festival will includ reading of Czech translations of works of Norwegian poets like Hans Borli, Jan Erik Vold, presentation of photos Norwegian nature and of Norwegian traditions and present specifikum in culture-in music, photos, movie. Part of the program will be short presentations from culture “work rooms” Norwegian musicians /Sinikka Langeland, Erik Lukashaugen/ and part of the program will be short movie with consecutive commentary in Czech.

Places where the festival takes place and the dates

1. 10.                     HUMPOLEC                       15.00     Městská knihovna

8. 10.                     PELHŘIMOV                      17.00     Městská knihovna

15.10.                    POLIČKA                            20.00      Divadelní klub 

22.10.                   CHOTĚBOŘ                         15.00     Městská knihovna

5. 11.                     TIŠNOV                               17.00     Městská knihovna

14.11.                    JIHLAVA                              17.00     Městská knihovna

19.11.                    ŽĎÁR N. S.                          16.00      Městská knihovna

26.11.                    TŘEBÍČ                                 17.00      Městská knihovna

3. 12.                     HAVLÍČKŮV BROD             18.30      Krajská knihovna Vysočiny

6. 12.                     KŘIŽANOV                          19.30     Katolický dům

Organizer: civic association Culturae bridge

Cooperation: Norwegian Embassy in the Czech Republic, The Ministry of Culture ČR, The State Fund for the Culture ČR, The Region Vysočina




For the first time in the Czech Republic. This series the readings of works by the Nordic poets. It is first time – the sounds Czech translations of their poems. The reading from their works be supplemented with thematic exhibition and included reading will be lectures, illustrating the development of Scandinavian poetry, stories of authors and historical context.